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Meditation Class
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Meditation Class
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Holistic  well-being is about achieving a balanced state of existence on the  physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual planes. If even one of these is in disharmony, the other three begin to show signs of distress.


It is to bring about this balance that the practice of meditation is vital. Meditation allows the body and the mind to connect. It promotes the secretion of happy chemicals in the brain, which enables a person to maintain holistic health, hence unleashing his/her true potential. 

Meditation helps with:

  • Energy balance

  • Stress management

  • Anger management

  • Better focus/concentration

  • Being peaceful and calm

And so much more!

At  Nivaaz, we conduct meditation sessions empowered by neuro-linguistic  programming and healing methodologies. We build an environment for all  senses to come together to create a unique mindful experience for each  attendee.

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